Pete: "What’s wrong with it? Just tell me, I can tell you don’t like it."
Trudy: "Oh, I do! I love that you’re sitting alone at your typewriter, drinking a scotch, thinking it up."
Pete: "But you don’t like it."
Trudy: "I mostly read the classics. It seemed.. strange to me, it’s too modern."
Pete: "Really? That’s kind of a compliment. But I don’t think you mean it that way."
Trudy: "I just think it’s odd that the bear is talking."
Pete: “The bear is not talking. It’s what the hunter imagines the bear to be thinking.”
Trudy: “Well… it’s well written!”

Pete: “Listen to me very carefully. We are not adopting a child. That’s final.”
Trudy: “Will you calm down and we can talk about this?”
Pete: “Hell’s bells, Trudy! That is final!”
Trudy: “You don’t speak to me that way! You have lost your mind!”