“he humiliated me. he made me think he loved me!”

SHEILA: What’s the matter with you?
EDDIE: She tell ya? She tell ya what she said?
SHEILA: You called our daughter a whore.
EDDIE: How about what she did to me!?
SHEILA: Get out. Out. Get out!
SHEILA: She’s a human being! She deserves love, not hate! What is the matter with you!? Don’t ever come back here! Don’t ever come back! Go! Get out! Don’t ever come back!

1x10 - Nana Gallagher Had An Affair

charadesninja asked for: Shameless 1x06 “Killer Carl”


Karen: Dad, will you join us at school tonight?
Mr. Jackson: … Me?
Karen: Not you, fuck face! I was talking to Daddy Frank. Daddy Frank, will you come?
Frank: Oh, no, no. Ladies, I don’t do school. We all have our phobias and school is mine. All of it. Textbooks full of falsehoods, teachers’ unions full of thugs, and tenured imbeciles who still use words like irregardless. Not for me!

Shameless US 1.06 Killer Carl

Sheila: I have my anti-anxiety disco biscuits, and I am ready to go. I am really ready.
Karen: I’ll just get you a piece of cake, mom.
Sheila: That would just be wonderful, sweetheart. There’s just so much I’ve gotta get done here.