SHEILA: I’m sorry that I didn’t make it all the way down the stairs today, but baby steps. Oh, my Karen, my baby. All grown up. I so wish your father could’ve been here today. I wish he could have seen you, our sweet girl, all grown up. And I know he would be so proud of his grand baby, no matter who the father was. Except Frank. He hated Frank. But it couldn’t be Frank because there wasn’t any penetration. Eddie didn’t like being penetrated. He had a funny bump on the side of his penis that we thought was cancer. But it turned out I was just being too rough on him. There’s been some obstacles and some pitfalls, but she’s made some wonderful, wonderful friends along the way. Like Lip and all of the Gallagher’s. People I just used to only know as the one’s in that house where the cops always came.
GRAMMY GALLAGHER: Jesus, is that bitch ever gonna shut up?
SHEILA: And Frank’s mother, we’re just so honored that you’re here.  Even though, you weren’t even invited and not really honored because you’re a convicted felon. But you’re out now, aren’t you? Why did they let you out? Cause you’re a loud, mean, vicious bitch. 
GRAMMY GALLAGHER: Why don’t you do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut up.
SHEILA: Have I offended you, in my home, where you’re an interloper? 
GRAMMY GALLAGHER: No one wants to hear it, you fucking windbag. 
SHEILA: She called me a whaker driving whore. And I don’t know how, an angel like that man, could’ve come out of your poisony womb.
GRAMMY GALLAGHER: Shut up, you batty bitch.
SHEILA: You know what? You’ve got a demon mind, and a devil’s womb and heart, AND YOUR COOCHIE SMELLS OF BRIMSTONE AND SULFUR!
GRAMMY GALLAGHER: I will fuck you up!
SHEILA: Do it! Do it!


“Shameless” Christmas carol.

“Good job, Fiona. I don’t know how I could do this without you.”

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William H. Macy: One of my favorite moments with you last year was when it dawned on you I’m number one on the call sheet, and you’re doing all the work. It was a great moment. You’re there first, and you’re the last to leave. You’re the spiritual center of the whole cast. Everyone revolves around you.
Emmy Rossum: I just think you’re really the crazy clown in the middle of all our happenings. You couldn’t find someone more focused, happy to be there or sober on set. There’s no ego, and for someone who’s had your kind of success and the cool roles you’ve had, your humility is really amazing. You’re always on time, and you never complain. You come in on your Harley-Davidson happy to be there. We have so much fun, and it starts at the top.


“Name a single time I’ve let you down.”

“At the time, which was last September, I had back surgery and I wasn’t feeling great about my weight and I wasn’t feeling perfect and, you know, camera ready. And what I love about the show is that it’s about being shameless and not feeling shame. And I thought, ‘I’m just not going to feel shameful about anything. I’m just going to accept everything right now about everything. No judgments.’” | JOAN CUSACK talks about getting her role on Shameless (US) [x]

Cusack says she loves acting with Macy and that there is “a relaxedness and enjoyment that I guess comes with age. It’s great to work with someone who’s so competent and generous and is a good person.” [x]

“Just keep doing that for the next two weeks, okay?”

“You’re all looking at me like I’m this big fuck up! Which I am!”

“he humiliated me. he made me think he loved me!”

“Fiona takes care of everyone, but no one takes care of Fiona.”