Sons of Anarchy 7.01 - “Black Widower” Promotional Picture

What did you do?

I promise you, it’ll end badly.

SCREENCAP MEME | Gemma Teller Morrow + Tickles My Pickle (requested by ksagal)
→ “watch the queen conquer”

Gemma Teller Morrow in SoA 6.10


Gemma - 6x7 - requested by neenj61

While the show, about a biker gang, sees Katey Sagal out-numbered by men, she credits it for helping grace television with stronger female roles for older women. "This country is so hell-bent on being young. I grew up in a household where it was all about respecting our elders and knowing more the older we get. What’s great about cable television is that it’s allowed creators to create something that - surprise, surprise - has a lot of women of an older age. They’ve lived longer, they’re interesting and viable. It’s opening up better parts for women of my age." [x]